Kani Restaurant is launching Salon cachette for your events.
Kani News Apr 14, 2023

Kani Restaurant is launching Salon cachette for your events.

Kani Restaurant is a renowned restaurant for its flavorful grilled cuisine and friendly atmosphere. If you're looking to rent a room for private events, Kani Restaurant is launching the secret room called Salon cachette.

A private space for unique events

Salon cachette is a spacious room that can accommodate up to 50 people for private events, such as birthdays, family parties, or corporate events. This private space is ideal for groups who want to enjoy an intimate and memorable evening.

A modern design for a warm ambiance

The design of Salon cachette is a blend of contemporary and traditional style, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for guests.

A unique gastronomic experience

Kani Restaurant offers customized menus for private events in Salon cachette. Guests can choose from a selection of dishes from our menu, including burgers, platters, fish, grilled meats, and much more. The dishes are prepared by experienced chefs who showcase the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Book Salon cachette for a private evening

If you're interested in privatizing Salon cachette for your next private event, simply contact us to reserve your evening. The restaurant staff will be happy to assist you in planning all the details to make your evening a total success.

Kani Restaurant now offers a private space for private events with Salon cachette. A unique gastronomic experience, this space is perfect for groups seeking to enjoy an intimate and memorable evening. Contact us now to reserve your evening.


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