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Aperol, Martini Prosecco, Perrier, fresh orange

Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, celery salt

Eristoff Vodka, raspberry liqueur, hibiscus flower syrup, lime juice, cranberry nectar, fresh mint

Tequila, triple sec, lime juice

Bacardi Carta Oro rum, lime, fresh mint, Perrier, raspberry or passion fruit puree (your choice)

Bacardi Carta Oro rum, lime, fresh mint, Perrier, cane sugar

Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer

Bacardi Carta Oro rum, coconut puree, pineapple juice

Vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, peach liqueur

Apricot liqueur, Martini Prosecco, Perrier, fresh orange, rosemary


Apricot juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit puree, lime juice, rosemary

Non-alcoholic Martini Floréal, orange syrup, lime juice, lemonade, orange, lemon, red currants

Fresh strawberries, lemon juice, sparkling water

Pure apple juice, pear juice, strawberry juice, raspberry juice

Coconut puree, pineapple juice

Vanilla and ginger syrup, lime juice, ginger beer, fresh mint

Perrier, lime, fresh mint, cane syrup, raspberry or passion fruit puree (your choice)

Passion fruit puree, pineapple juice, lime juice, orgeat syrup

Non-alcoholic Martini Vibrante, tonic water, fresh orange, rosemary

Fruity and spicy, with a smooth and elegant character (Glass 4.50€)

Aromas of candied fruits and prunes. A "solar" wine with warm and rich flavors (Glass 5€)

IGP Pays d'OC. Aromas of mixed red and black berries combined with floral notes (Glass 5€)

Balanced wine, with a slight woody note (Glass 5€)

Notes of strawberry, with a luscious and smooth character (Glass 6€)

A full-bodied wine with a powerful and elegant aroma of ripe fruits (Glass 5.50€)

Notes of vanilla, violets, and blackcurrant. A flavorful and indulgent wine

A supple wine with a beautiful balance of flavors

Fine and elegant, with aromas of white fruits and vanilla (Glass 4.50€)

Notes of lemon and peach. Smooth with medium acidity (Glass 5.50€)

Mineral notes with a slight hint of iodine

Aromas of citrus, dry wine and vanilla

Fresh and balanced wine, with floral notes of broom

Balanced wine with a nose of white peach (Glass 6€)

Very fruity on the palate, with aromas of white and exotic fruits (Glass 6.50€)

Fruity, aromatic, and full-bodied wine. Very lively and fruity (Glass 6.50€)

Smooth on the palate with a beautiful balance. Aromas of small red fruits (Glass 7.50€)

12cl glass - 8.5€