Privacy policy

This website collects various personal data from its users. The data controller for this website is Michael Fox Email address of the website owner: Website :

Types of data we collect

The following types of personal data are collected by this website either directly or by way of third parties: cookies, usage data, and email addresses. The full details of each type of personal data collected by this website are provided in the corresponding sections of the present privacy policy, or by special explanatory notes published before the data is collected. Personal data can be provided by users voluntarily, or, in the case of usage data, collected automatically when users access this website. All data requested of users to this website is mandatory, and in particular, may be vital for the proper functioning of the website’s services. If the website specifies that data is optional, then users are free to enter it or not, all the while taking into consideration that missing data may lead to availability issues or malfunctions. If you are unsure whether personal data is mandatory or optional, please contact the owner of the website. The use of cookies – or any other tracking tools – by this website or the owners of the third-party providers utilized by this website, is aimed at supplying the services that are requested by users, and satisfying other purposes outlined in the present document and in the cookies policy, if such a policy is available. Users are responsible for any third-party personal data that is obtained, published, or transferred by way of this website, and confirm they have received the consent from the third party to provide this data to the website owner.

Data processing - location and methods

The data controller agrees to process all personal data in an appropriate manner, and to take all the necessary security measures to prevent the unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of said data. Personal data is processed by computers and software tools, and in accordance with the organizational procedures and methods that are closely related to the specified purposes. Access rights, besides those assigned to the data controller, may also be granted to persons in charge of the website’s operation (administration, sales, marketing, legal service, system administration) or to external parties (third-party technical service providers, email services, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies, etc.) who, if need be, are designated by the website owner as data processors. An updated list of these parties can be requested at any time from the data controller.

Place of processing

Data is processed at the headquarters of the data controller and in any other place where data processors are located. For more information, please contact your designated data processor.

Retention periods

Data is stored for as long as required to provide the service requested by the user, or for the term specified in the objectives of the present document. Users may, at any time, request that the data controller delete or cease the processing of their data.

Use of personal data

Personal data is collected in order that the website owner may provide services to users as well as achieve the following: analyses, correspondence with users, contact management, and the sending of messages. The personal data that is used for each of these purposes is described in the corresponding sections of the present document.

Detailed information on the processing of personal data

Personal data is collected by a variety of different tools, and for the following purposes:


Analysis tools allow the website owner to monitor and analyze website traffic and track the evolution of user behavior. Google Analytics (Google Inc.) Google Analytics is a web analysis tool offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the collected data to track and analyze the usage of this website, create reports on the website’s activities, and share these reports with other Google services. Google may also use the collected data to contextualize and personalize the ads that are published in its own advertising network. Personal data collected: cookies and usage data. Place of processing: United States – Privacy policy – Opt-out option CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE USER Mailing list or newsletter (this website) By signing up for our mailing list or newsletter, your email address will automatically be added to the list of persons who can receive emails containing commercial or marketing information about this website. Your email address may also be added to this list if you create an account or make a purchase on this website. Personal data collected: email address.

Contact and message management

This type of service makes it possible to manage a database of email addresses, telephone numbers, or any other type of data which allows for correspondence with the user. These services can also collect information such as the exact time and date a user opens a message, as well as the moment the user interacts with a message, by clicking, for example, on a link that is sent in an email. Mailjet (SAS Mailjet) Mailjet is an email address management and message sending service provided by SAS Mailjet. Personal data collected: email address. Place of processing: France – Privacy policy

Additional information regarding the processing and collection of data - legal action

A user’s personal data can be used by the data controller for legal purposes in a court of law or at any other stage which may lead to legal action arising from the misuse of this website or its services. Users acknowledge that the public authorities may demand that the data controller disclose their personal data.

Additional information regarding the personal data of users

Along with the information in the present privacy policy, this website may provide the user with additional background information regarding individual services or the collection and processing of personal data.

System and maintenance logs

This website, as well as any other third-party service, may, for operational and maintenance purposes, collect files that store user interactions with this website (system logs), or use other personal data (such as IP addresses) to achieve this purpose.

Information not included in the present policy

More in-depth information regarding the collection or processing of personal data can be requested at any time from the data controller. To contact the data controller, please use the contact information found in the beginning of this document.

Rights of the user

Users reserve, at all times, the right to be informed if their personal data has been saved by this website, to contact the data controller to learn the substance and origin of said data, to verify its accuracy, or to request that it be completed, erased, updated, or rectified. Users may also request that their data be anonymized or that any illegally collected data be frozen. Furthermore, users may, for any legitimate reason whatsoever, object to the processing of their personal data. All requests must be sent to the data controller at the address listed above. This website does not honor “do not track” requests. Please refer to the privacy policies of third-party services to determine if these services recognize the “do not track” option.

Changes to the present privacy policy

The data controller reserves the right, at any time, to modify the present privacy policy. All changes to the privacy policy will appear on this page. We recommend consulting this page often, referring to the date of the latest modification indicated on the bottom of the page. If users object to any changes made to this policy, they must stop using this website immediately and may request that the data controller delete their personal data. Unless otherwise specified, the most recent privacy policy shall apply for all the personal data that is held by the data controller with regard to the website’s users.

Information on the present privacy policy

The data controller assumes full responsibility for the present privacy policy.