Private lounge and karaoke in Paris: Come sing with your family or friends
Kani News Apr 14, 2023

Private lounge and karaoke in Paris: Come sing with your family or friends

Private karaoke room in Paris for fun

Kani, a grill steakhouse located in the heart of Paris, offers an unparalleled culinary and entertaining experience. By combining the best of steakhouse and grill cuisine with a private karaoke lounge, Kani attracts food and singing enthusiasts from the capital.

The Kani restaurant: delicious and authentic cuisine

The Kani grill steakhouse stands out for the quality of its meats, cooked to perfection on the grill. Customers can enjoy exquisite and tasty dishes, such as juicy steaks, beef ribs, chicken skewers, and many other delights. Kani also offers a wide selection of accompaniments, ranging from grilled fresh vegetables to roasted potatoes, as well as various salads. All of this is offered in a warm and friendly setting, where the atmosphere is festive.

A private lounge for your karaoke evenings

In addition to its delicious cuisine, the Kani restaurant offers a private space dedicated to karaoke. This private lounge, equipped with a professional sound system and a large screen, is the perfect place to spend unforgettable evenings with friends or family. Karaoke restaurant in Paris: an experience not to be missed Kani is the essential meeting place for all karaoke and good food enthusiasts. By choosing this karaoke restaurant in Paris, you can enjoy exquisite food while singing your favorite songs in a private and comfortable setting.

Book your evening at the Kani restaurant now

Don't miss this unique opportunity to combine culinary pleasure and musical entertainment. Book your table at the Kani restaurant now and discover why this grill steakhouse restaurant with karaoke is the preferred location for memorable evenings in Paris.

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